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DYMAT is a European research association in the field of dynamic behaviour of materials and its applications.


DYMAT – Europe’s leading research association in dynamic behavior of materials

Since 1983, DYMAT supports scientists in fields that are highly relevant to the security of our societies:

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    Crashworthiness in transportation

    Such as cars, trains, boats and airplanes

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    Blast effects

    Due to industrial explosions and terrorist attacks

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    Terminal ballistics

    Related to defence, shielding of satellites, of turbine blades and discs

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    Material processing

    Such as high speed shaping of metals


1 March 2024
DYMAT 2024 International Conference in Zurich, Switzerland. 8 - 13 September 2024

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24 November 2023
ECCOMAS Lisbon (Pt) in Lisbon (Pt). June 3-7, 2024

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24 November 2023
WCCM-PANACM Vancouver (Ca) in Vancouver (Ca). July 21-26, 2024

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15 June 2023
27th Technical Meeting 2023 in Colmar, France. 27 – 29 November 2023

Dynamic behaviour of soft and low density materials

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Recent Webinars

Space-time Digital Image Correlation: Applications to ultra-high-speed imaging
Professor François Hild, Université Paris Saclay
Aluminium beams subjected to impact loading: Effect of material properties, mass ratio and welding.
Magnus Langseth, NTNU
Breaking up is hard to do: the dynamics of ceramics
Pr. K.T. Ramesh, Johns Hopkins University
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The principal aim of the DYMAT Association is to bring together engineers and scientists from all nations working in the field of dynamic behaviour of materials.

For this purpose, every three years the association organizes an international conference held in one of the countries represented by the members of the association.

DYMAT also encourages the holding of technical meetings, seminars and training courses. A particular attention is to support students.
DYMAT is a not-for-profit association.

The complete DYMAT statutes are available as pdf file.

Statutes PDF (english) Statutes PDF (french)


Be part of a thriving research community

Become a member! By attending our conferences and meetings you will automatically receive a membership. (DYMAT international conference: 3 years, Technichal meeting: 1 year)

If you want to become a member in between, you can contact the DYMAT treasurer. The costs are 50 € for 12 months or 120 € for 36 months.

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John Rinehart Award

Award for outstanding effort and creative work in the science and technology of dynamic processes.

  • About the award

    About the award

    The John Rinehart Award was established to recognize outstanding effort and creative work in the science and technology of dynamic processes in materials and related applications. This encompasses the processes by which materials are welded, formed, compacted, and synthesized, as well as dynamic deformation, fracture, and the extreme shock loading effects.

    The award is named after a true pioneer who witnessed and actively contributed to the field for over forty years. This award has been given every five years, at the occasion of the EXPLOMET conferences. The selection of the first two awards, announced in August 1990, was made by a committee composed of the EXPLOMET chairmen and Dr. J. S. Rinehart. In subsequent years, the awardees chaired the committee for future awards. A permanent committee is in such a way was established to select the nominees. In selecting the individuals, special attention has been given to the balance between fundamental science and technological implementation.

    Since 2009, DYMAT is the Custodian of the Award. Every three years, a special jury, composed of the members of the DYMAT International Advisory Committee and members of the DYMAT Governing Board, vote and select two winners.

  • Dr. John Rinehart

    Dr. Rinehart with the first recipients of the award.

    Dr. John Rinehart

    John S. Rinehart has not only witnessed, but actively taken part in the development of the field of dynamic deformation. He has dedicated his life to the study of stress waves in solids; the results of these investigations have been published in over 130 technical articles and three books, two of them co-authored by John Pearson. Behavior of Metals Under Impulsive Loads, Explosive Working of Metals and Stress Transients in Solids, have been the vade mecum of all scientists and engineers throughout the world working in the field.

    The simple, no nonsense, yet fundamentally correct approach used by Dr. Rinehart combines the rigorousness of the physicist with the practicality of the engineer. His fifty-year career has been divided between government and university, and he has frequently served as a consultant to industry. He has occupied many positions of high responsibility throughout his career:

    Director of Research and Development for the U. S. coast and Geodetic Survey, Director of the Mining Research Laboratory of the Colorado School of Mines, which he founded, Assistant Director of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Head of the Mechanics Branch at the Naval Ordnance Test Station, China Lake, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado. Dr. Rinehart was associated with Dr. E. J. Workman's Ordnance Research Group before this activity became a division of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in the early 1950s.

  • Recipients


    EXPLOMET '90
    Andrey A. Deribas
    Mark L. Wilkins

    EXPLOMET '95
    Rolf Prümmer
    Akira B. Sawaoka

    EXPLOMET 2000
    Don Shockey
    Don Curran

    TMS 2007
    Lawrence E. Murr
    Yilong Bai

    DYMAT 2009
    John E. Field
    Marc André Meyers

    DYMAT 2012
    Alain Molinari

    DYMAT 2015
    Carlo Albertini
    Ron Armstrong

    DYMAT 2018
    Gordon R. Johnson
    George T. (Rusty) Gray III

    DYMAT 2021
    K.T. Ramesh

    Learn more about the recipients in the comprehensive award brochure:

    Award brochure (PDF)
  • Award brochure

    Award brochure

    Find out more about the John Rinehart Award and the recipients in the award brochure.

    Award brochure (PDF)