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Membership fee

DYMAT membership fees are € 50 (one year) or € 120 (three years).


Why become a DYMAT member?

For different reasons, for example :

DYMAT members have free access to all the e-publications of the DYMAT international conferences, technical and subgroup meetings since the creation of DYMAT in 1983.

DYMAT members can submit a request for financial support for the organisation of symposiums or special sessions in multidisciplinary conferences related to the dynamic behaviour of materials.

DYMAT members pay a reduced fee at DYMAT international conferences and technical meetings.

DYMAT members have free access to the protected area of this website providing detailed information about the member laboratories, recent theses, review publications, ...

DYMAT members are invited to the yearly DYMAT General Assembly, vote on the president’s and treasurer’s report, submit requests, and vote for the composition of the DYMAT Governing Board. DYMAT members can be elected as DYMAT governing board members and participate in the decision making process of the association (certain conditions apply).

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How to become a DYMAT member?

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