DYMAT Governing Board

The DYMAT association is directed by a Governing Board composed of 16 members.
They are elected by the General Assembly, among the members of the association.

President Eric Buzaud France
Vice-President Francisco Galvez Spain
Treasurer Antonio Cosculluela France
Vice-Treasurer Philippe Viot France
Secretary Stephen M. Walley United Kingdom
Vice-Secretary Nadia Bahlouli France
Vice-President Web Georg Ganzenmüller Germany
Vice-President Edition Hervé Couque France
Vice-President International Affairs Ezio Cadoni Switzerland
  Yael Demarty France
  Pascal Forquin France
  Mikko Hokka Finland
  Magnus Langseth Norway
  Dirk Mohr Switzerland
  Lorenzo Peroni Italy
  Patricia Verleysen Belgium


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