DYMAT 2009 International Conference

9th International DYMAT Conference
7-11 September 2009
Brussels, Belgium

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DYMAT 2009 The 9th International Conference of the DYMAT association took place in the capital of Europe : Brussels, Belgium. It was hosted by the Belgian Royal Military Academy. One can truly say that the conference was a big success, both from the viewpoint of its scientific quality as for its excellent organization. It was the first time that DYMAT had the pleasure to welcome more than 250 attendees. The reduced conference fee for students was very much appreciated: almost 60 students found the opportunity to attend the conference. It was also the first time that the conference proceedings had to be published in more than one volume, each of them containing more than 900 pages.
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Some numbers:  
Participants 270
Countries 28
Oral presentations 83
Poster presentations 177
Tech Exhibitioners 9
Dymat 2009-John Rinehart Laureates DYMAT accepted the invitation from EXPLOMET to continue to attribute the John Rinehart Award to recognize outstanding effort and creative work in the science and technology of dynamic processes in materials. An international jury has decided to attribute the DYMAT 2009 John Rinehart Award to Prof. John E. Field (Cambridge University) and Prof. Marc André Meyers (University of California at San Diego). The award was given by General Harry Vindevogel, commander of the Royal Military Academy, and Mr. Richard Dormeval, former president of DYMAT.
Gunther Dyckmans, president of DYMAT 2009, and his team did an excellent job in organizing the conference and providing the attendees with some excellent social events: we shall never forget the visit to Bruges (yes ... included the military police escort) and the Tintin animated conference dinner.

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