DYMAT 2012 International Conference

10th International DYMAT Conference
Freiburg, Germany

2 – 7 September 2012


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Prof. Stefan Hiermaier, chairman of
the conference and Dr. Hervé Couque.

The 10th International DYMAT Conference took place in Freiburg, Germany, and was hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach-Institut, EMI.

With authors from 26 countries, the DYMAT International Conference proved once more its international character.
For the first time in the DYMAT Conference series, two different types of publications were offered. The traditional DYMAT proceedings option has been maintained as an issue of the "European Physical Journal - Web of Conferences" (EPJ-WoC), which was formerly done in the “Journal de Physique IV”. Alternatively, authors were encouraged to submit their papers to a peer review process in order to be published in an issue of the "European Physical Journal - Special Topics" (EPJ-ST), entitled “Characterization, Modeling and Simulation of Materials at High Strain Rates”.
Out of more than 200 submitted abstracts, 135 manuscripts went into the proceedings, 18 manuscripts are published in the journal EPJ-ST as volume number 206.

Conference Venue.

Winner of the John S. Rinehart Award 2012: Prof. Alain Molinari (middle).

Since 2009, DYMAT is the custodian of the John S. Rinehart's Award.
This price, established in 1990 to recognize outstanding effort and creative work in the science and technology of dynamic processes in materials, has been given every five years on the occasion of several EXPLOMET International Conferences.
DYMAT 2012 had the honor of being the second DYMAT International Conference to bestow this award.
A special jury, composed of the members of the DYMAT International Advisory Committee and members of the DYMAT Governing Board, voted and selected the winner: the recipient of the John S. Rinehart Award 2012 is Professor Alain Molinari from the University of Metz. Congratulations!

The team of Professor Stefan Hiermaier, chairman of the Conference and editor of the EPJ-ST issue, has enjoyed the two years of organizing the conference. The outstanding contributions of all participants made the conference a tremendous success for the DYMAT Association.

Some statistics:    
Participants   215
  Students 32
  Members 70
  Non members 105
  Exhibitors 8
Countries   24
Oral presentations   78
Poster presentations   74
Industry partners   7
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