DYMAT 2015 International Conference

11th International DYMAT Conference
Lugano, Switzerland

September 7-11, 2015


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Prof. Ezio Cadoni, Chairman of the conference and
Prof. Stefan Hiermaier, President of DYMAT.

Winner of the John S. Rinehart Award 2015: (middle)
Ron Armstrong (middle left) and Carlo Albertini (middle right) with Stefan Hiermaier (left) and Ezio Cadoni (right).

The 11th International DYMAT Conference took place in Lugano, Switzerland, and was hosted by the DynaMat Laboratory of the University of Applied Sciences of
Southern Switzerland, SUPSI.

After 30 years of history, the DYMAT International Con-
ference persists in the focus of the international scientific community. The conference continues to promote research
into the dynamic behavior of materials through the discussion of progress, the analysis of new challenges and the exchange of new ideas in and related to the field.

The Conference has attracted 250 participants from
32 countries of 5 continents.

The DYMAT proceedings are published as an issue of
the "European Physical Journal - Web of Conferences"
(EPJ-WoC), Vol. 94 (2015) having 1030 pages, while a selection of papers is published in an issue of the
"European Physical Journal - Special Topics" (EPJ-ST),
entitled “Dynamic Behaviour of Materials at High Strain Rates: Experiment, Modelling and Simulation”.
Out of more than 230 submitted abstracts,
186 manuscripts went into the proceedings and
17 manuscripts are published in the journal EPJ-ST
as volume number 224.

Finally, Carlo Albertini and Ron Armstrong were the
two recipients of the John S. Rinehart Award 2015.

Conference Tour.
Some numbers:    
Participants   250
Countries   32
Oral presentations   80
Poster presentations   125
Technical Exhibitors   2
The local organizing team –
thank you for your generous
support for this conference!
Group photo.