2nd DYMAT Student Camp

17 - 20 June 2012
Tampere, Finland

Organized by : Tampere University of Technology, Department of Materials Science Tampere, Finland
and  the DYMAT Association



– Impact behavior of materials and structures
– Digital Image Correlation in Materials Research
– Dynamics of structures
– Modeling and constitutive equations
– Experimental and numerical methods (DEM or FEM) for dynamic applications
– Microstructural effects of dynamic loading
– Materials: metals,polymers composites, cellular materials, concrete…



Understanding the dynamic behavior of materials is increasingly important in many applications in the modern world. The most obvious examples are different direct impact events such as car crashes, but also modern production methods are often so fast that the material behavior is no longer quasi-static and the dynamic behavior of the materials needs to be properly accounted for. Also, modeling and simulation of processes and events often requires knowledge of the behavior of the material at high rates. There are various physical phenomena involved in the dynamic material behavior, as well as in the testing and simulation of these effects, and therefore understanding all this is a very challenging task.

The Department of Materials Science at Tampere University of Technology, together with the DYMAT Association, organizes a Summer School DSC 2012  Materials Science in the Wilderness targeted at students and post-docs who work in the field of dynamic material behavior, testing, and simulations. DSC 2012 will be arranged in Tampere, Finland, from June 17th to 20th 2012. The Summer School will be arranged at the Murikka Institute by the Lake Näsijärvi, where the midsummer sun shines nearly 24 hours every day.  This meeting is a great opportunity for students and post-docs to present their research. For each student presentation (25 minutes),  a discussion (20 minutes) will be led by well-known tutors in order to thoroughly discuss and analyze their research work with the audience.

The objective of the summer school is to offer the students a forum for scientific exchange of thoughts and ideas and discussions about their research problems, experiences, and expertise. In addition to the scientific program, an extensive social program will be arranged including Finnish sauna and barbeque by the lake.


Scientific Tutoring Committee

    V-T. KUOKKALA, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
    H. COUQUE, Nexter Munitions, France
    N. BAHLOULI, IMFS, France
    M. HOKKA, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
    F. Gálvez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
    E. MARKIEWICZ, Universite deValenciennes, France
    J. SEIDT, The Ohio State University, USA
    S. Hiermaier, Fraunhofer EMI, Germany
    E. Cadoni, SUPSI, Switzerland
    S. Walley, University of Cambridge, UK


Colloquium Flyer

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Abstract template

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The registration fee includes participation in the seminar, meals, accommodation in a single room at the Murikka Institute (3 nights from 17th to 20th), boat cruise on the Lake Näsijärvi, sauna party, banquet, and transportations during the event.

Students:  425 €

 Researchers: 600 €

Industry representatives: 750 €

Registration forms are available online at www.dymat.org

DYMAT will provide financial support to the participating students by covering 50 % of their actual  travel expenses up to 200 € per student. Instructions for reimbursement can be found on the seminar webpage.


Conference Location

Murikka Institute



Contact person

Professor Veli-Tapani Kuokkala
Department of Materials Science, Tampere
University of Technology
POB 589, FI-33101 Tampere, Finland
Tel. : +358-40-8490040 
Fax : +358-3-31152330
email : veli-tapani.kuokkala@tut.fi

For contact by email,  please use the subject DSC2012

and Registration

Kauko Östman
Department of Materials Science, Tampere
University of Technology
POB 589, FI-33101 Tampere, Finland
Tel. : +358-40-8490083
Fax : +358-3-31152330
email : kauko.ostman@tut.fi