Publications from DYMAT Technical Meetings

Year Place Topic Link to Publications
20 2011 Paris, France Mechanical behaviour of nanomaterials, metallic glasses and architecturally designed materials Click here
19 2010 Strasbourg, France Dynamic mechanical behaviour of polymers and composites Click here
18 2008 Bourges, France The behaviour of bulk nanomaterials and metallic glasses under dynamic loadings Click here
17 2007 Cambridge, United Kingdom The high rate mechanical properties of energetic materials, their binders or simulants Click here
16 2005 Brussels, Belgium Dynamic material behaviour related to security applications (material and structural response to blast) Click here
15 2004 Metz, France Crashworthiness and constitutive relationships for engineering materials Click here
14 2002 Sevilla, Spain Behaviour of materials at high strain rates: numerical modelling Click here


2001 Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France Dynamic behaviour of brittle materials and systems Click here
12 1999 Coimbra, Portugal Impact damage of composite materials Click here
11 1998 Dijon, France Behaviour of materials under the combined effects of high strains and high strain-rates Click here
10 1996 Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France High speed processing Click here
9 1995 München, Germany Material and structural modelling in collision research Click here
8 1993 Ispra, Italy Relationship between microstructure and dynamic properties of metals, alloys and mmc Click here
7 1992 Saint-Louis, France Dynamic behaviour of materials: modelling and simulation Click here
6 1990 Gramat, France Endommagement et rupture dynamique Click here
5 1989 Bordeaux, France Polymères et composites: résistance à l'impact Click here
4 1987 Metz, France Rupture sous sollicitation dynamique Click here
3 1986 Poitiers, France Méthodes d'essais et métrologie en dynamique des matériaux Click here
2 1986 Nantes, France Comportement mécanique et physique des matériaux sous sollicitations dynamiques Click here