DYMAT 2012


Professor Alain Molinari
Winner of the DYMAT 2012 John Rinehart Award

Alain Molinari was raised in Lorraine, France, and graduated from the University of Strasbourg (MS) and the University of Metz (PhD). He is professor of solid mechanics at the University of Lorraine where he conducted his entire academic career and was jointly “professeur chargé de cours” at Ecole Polytechnique during 14 years. He spent five years abroad, mostly in the USA, where he was a visiting professor at Brown University, the California Institute of Technology, the University of California at San Diego, the San Diego State University, and the Johns Hopkins University. His research on high strain rate phenomena was initiated during a sabbatical leave at Brown University (Providence, USA) in 1981 where he was introduced to the fascinating problem of adiabatic shearing by Rod Clifton and the late Jacques Duffy. Since his return to France, he has been head of the group “dynamic loading and extreme conditions” of the Laboratory of Physics and Mechanics of Materials at the University of Lorraine at Metz for 30 years.

His research activity comprises the theoretical analysis of dynamic damage by strain localization and microvoiding, and phase transformation under impact loading. He brought forward new constitutive models for the quasistatic and dynamic response of metals. The multiscale approaches that he proposed for the modeling of the viscoplastic response of polycrystalline materials are used worldwide. Motivated by practical applications of his fundamental research in dynamic plasticity, he has developed a new modeling of high speed machining. His research interests include also porous materials, powder metallurgy, spark plasma sintering and nano-cutting. He obtained the “Grand Prix de la Recherche des Universit´es de Lorraine” (1981), was awarded the Clark B. Millikan distinguished visiting professorship at Caltech (California, 1996), was distinguished scholar and Gledden Senior Fellow at the University of Western Australia (1995 and 1997), has received the Spiru Haret Award of the Romania Academy of Sciences (jointly with Prof. C. Faciu in 2008) and was awarded a chair of excellence at the University Carlos III of Madrid (2009 and 2011). He has organized or co-organized several conferences on high speed machining and material instabilities, and is author and co-author of about 200 research papers and co-editor of one book.