Andrey A. Deribas
Mechanics of continuous media

–  Research Area: Physics of explosions, explosive hardening and welding,
    explosive compaction of powders and explosive synthesis
–  He was the head of Laboratory of the Institute of Hydrodynamics
    in Novosibirsk
–  Authored over 100 scientific papers and 25 inventions
–  Head of the special Design office of high-rate hydrodynamics in Novosibirsk
–  Notable awards: Lenin Prize for science, Prize of Council of Ministry
    of the U. S. S. R.
Mark L. Wilkins
Computer simulation of material behavior

–  Joined LLNL in 1952, year it was established
–  Pioneered the application of large computers to simulate material behavior.
–  His numerical techniques are in use world-wide.
–  Modeled the effects of micrometeorite impacts, space program.
–  Lead the effort in developing a fundamental understanding of penetration
    mechanics, DARPA.
–  Founded a new division in Physics Dept. at LLNL for experimental and
    theoretical research on the behavior of materials.
–  He has published over 70 scientific papers on modeling and simulation
    of materials behavior.