Rolf Prümmer
Explosive compaction of powders

–  Associated with several Fraunhofer Institutes and is a professor at the
    University of Karlsruhe.
–  He completed his “Habilitationsschrift” entitled “Explosive Compaction
    of Powdered substances.
–  He has worked on explosive welding, forming, cutting, hardening.
–  He has more than 150 papers and has developed more than 20 patents.
Akira B. Sawaoka
Dynamic high-pressure research on materials

–  Professor, Dean and Director of the Research Lab. Of Eng. Materials at
    the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
–  President of the Japan Society of Microgravity Applications.
–  Extensively worked on shock compaction and synthesis of hard materials
    such as SiC and BN, developed diamond compacts for rock drilling.
–  Published more than 200 scientific papers and co-author of “Shock
    Compression Chemistry of Materials.