TMS 2007


Professor Marc Meyers revealing the award recipients at the Dynamic Behavior of Materials Symposium


Lawrence E. Murr
High-strain rate phenomena in materials

–  Seminal contributions to shock compression.
–  First experiments on dynamic compaction of high temperature
–  Elucidation of mechanisms of microstructural evolution in plastic deformation. –  Co-founder and co-organizer of EXPLOMET conference series.
–  Global leadership.



Yilong Bai
Impact dynamics, damage mechanics and multi-scale problems

–  Professor at the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of
    Sciences (CAS).
–  Chairman of the academic committee of the State Key Laboratory of
    Non-Linear Mechanics (NLM), CAS.
–  Member of Chinese Academy of Science in 1991 and European Academy
    of Sciences in 2002.
–  Published about 150 papers and two research books: Adiabatic Shear
    Localization, Pergamon Press (1992) and Ductile Fracture and Ductility,
    Academic Press (1987).